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Dear fans, followers and friends of Linda Sharp, it is with a sad heart that I must inform you of her passing from complications after routine surgery today December 30, 2016. Linda has been a loyal friend for forty years and I have been fortunate enough to be able to live vicariously through her incredible experiences in life and around cars and speed.

Linda and her husband Bob Gorrell have, over the past decade, taken in many homeless dogs and given them love, food, veterinary care and a much needed safe home. Many of these dogs would have been euthanized by the local shelters if it weren't for Linda and Bob's open doors. If you would like more information on how you might help Bob as he continues this work, contact him at

Hello, I would like to personally welcome you to WWW.SHARPDRIVER.COM.

You’re probably wondering exactly what is SHARPDRIVER.COM? My intention is for it to be kind a virtual garage where car nuts, gear heads and race fans will like to hang out.

It is intended to be a place where conversations like the ones that take place in the infields of race tracks, on the display floors of auto shows, and amongst attendees and competitors at car shows of all types will flourish and grow. The intent is for it to be a happy place.

A home for all kinds of automotive conversations, for a full gallery of current and retrospective automotive photography, as well as occasional featured guest writers who can pass along their own personal perspective. Eventually, it will grow to be an interactive site (Please come blog with me here), where visitors are welcome to share their comments.

We are in process of changing over to the new site. Until the end of January please use the Archives Link at the left to read all New Car Reviews.

Linda Sharp